I’ve come to meditations at Bridge & Enrich for a while now, and it has helped me in my journey to health tremendously. This center offers a lot of programs for people who may not be able to afford yoga otherwise. Thank you.


These people and this place have changed my life forever. The shelter and the spiritual guidance provided here at nominal cost to me and everyone must continue.


A truly lovely place that allows one to find themselves again.


What a great place to ease the mind after a stressful week. Thank you!


This is a beautiful place of spirit and depth and it radiates its amazing energy out and around to support the community in a big way. Thank you for this great inspiration and love. Keep on moving the people’s hearts and souls. Namaste


I’ve only recently discovered this amazing place. I am sure I am not the only person who will use the words “healing” and “oasis.” Such a revelation in this nondescript building. I didn’t know anything like this existed in Vancouver, let alone 20th + Fraser. I understand many different communities use this space.

I came to gong bath – by donation. The amount suggested is so reasonable – making it affordable to many who would not take advantage of it. I would say many of the people who benefit from this would have difficulty raising the money. I hope some can find the wherewithal – who have the means. A beautiful house needs a good roof.


This is a wonderful space/place, and a great utility for the people of Vancouver. 

It has helped me immensely. 


BE Society helps me to connect with the love all around me, making it easier for me to go about my daily life in a joyful way.


The Bridge & Enrich community is an important option for maintaining growth in the hectic metropolitan city of Vancouver.

I come from White Rock to enjoy the beautiful studio and its amazing atmosphere and energy. I love to bring people here to experience how far removed the space feels and looks from the responsibilities and stress of life.

It never fails to ground and center. I love being able to share and experience.


My experiences here bring an inner peace and calming in mind, body and soul. I look forward to this day every week and have not found anything which works so well at calming the racing mind and constant stress we all face. I leave feeling centered, rested and fulfilled, with true compassion for the well-being of my physical and mental health.

Please keep this a Vancouver celebration of health and spirit.