Om Namah Shivaya.

Bridge & Enrich Lives Society has been an amazing blessing for the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Vancouver and our friends.

Thanks to BE, we were able to conduct our regular classes as well as our Yoga Teachers’ Programs and our evenings of Meditation and Chanting.

Our usual location has been under major renovations making it unsuitable for yoga at this point. Without the support of BE, our traditional, non commercial teachings would have been jeopardized. The concept and flexible business approach of BE is perfect for non commercial yoga teachings. We have been able to develop a strong sense of community and collaboration with all other members here as well. The total dedication of Supriti (Sindoori Ji) is not only an inspiration to us all but also an example others should follow. In a city where competition is fierce amongst yoga businesses, it’s refreshing and essential for all of us non-competitive spiritually oriented yoginis and yogis, to have this sanctuary available the way it is. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this testimony to offer all their support to a unique and essential part of our city’s holistic development. Also, as a member of the United Nations International Day of Yoga Events sponsored by the Indian Consulate General in Vancouver, I can say that BE’s support was essential in making it a success this year. We are grateful for the space and infrastructure that allowed us to prepare this event professionally.  

Many thanks and pranams.


The words are inadequate to express my immense gratitude for all the uplifting inspiration as well as warm, loving and friendly hospitality I have received so far through various classical and devotional events in Bridge & Enrich Lives Society! Mainly, that too on voluntary donation basis!

Lovely Sindoori’s dedication to create and maintain this selfless cause with numerous ideals is beyond exemplary!

I pray that Bridge & Enrich gets every financial support in order to continue as well as individually we will do anything possible to help.

Again, thank you so much dear Sindoori for your hard work and dedication and I wish you all the best! Please keep up the good work!


Greetings to the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society for your opening your doors to our group, the Krishna Balaram Mandir, and all the other groups, who so appreciatively use the studio space for our classes and programs. 

The Krishna Balaram Mandir is located in Richmond, so being able to offer our program in the heart of Vancouver is a blessing. 

Ever since we started to use the BE studio space once a month, we have felt welcomed and supported by Sindoori and her team. 

The gift that is the BE studio to the awakening community in Vancouver is truly precious and enriching. One program after another and the energy and spiritual vibrations continue to grow. 

Where can you go in Vancouver and feel such blessings…?

Not too many places, so being able to be a part of the BE community is something that the Krishna Balaram Mandir gratefully appreciates. 

Thanking you for your enormous contribution to Vancouver.


Thank you for this space… It provides me with the teachings to promote my health.


When I began coming to this space, I was spiritually bankrupt. The calm feeling and incredible staff has helped me to continue to transform my life.

Forever Grateful.


I suffer from PTSD and regularly come for Gong Bath (Mondays) and Meditation on Tuesdays to help relieve stress during a hard time in my life. This space offers me ways to find some inner peace and I am grateful. I wish it gains funds to continue offering these services.


I have been coming to Bridge & Enrich for 3 months now. My life has changed tremendously. I have had the privilege of choice among a vast array of spiritual practices. I always feel welcome and can feel the peace and love this space brings out in everyone. I am grateful, for it exists.


I love this space so much!

Thank you for giving so much love and sharing thorugh this space!

I believe this space can keep helping much and much more people who need love and healing!

This space definitely needs to be kept as long as possible in Vancouver!


Thank you to Bridge & Enrich for their supportive presence in the Vancouver community.

I have been diagnosed with metastatic inoperable cancer with no treatment available in conventional medicine. I have neuroendocrine cancer in the liver. My journey has been long and I have found a supportive program that helps me copy emotionally and spiritually with my diagnosis. I cannot thank Bridge & Enrich enough for their programs Gong Bath and Quantum Healing With Paul and Kathie Scott.


This is a place of sanctuary, a home away from home, a home within our homes. This place provides peace and fulfillment of that holistic whole for all to come and enjoy and have a moment of coming home. We must have it continue to provide the peace we all enjoy and long for.