Om Namah Shivaya.

Bridge & Enrich Lives Society has been an amazing blessing for the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Vancouver and our friends.

Thanks to BE, we were able to conduct our regular classes as well as our Yoga Teachers’ Programs and our evenings of Meditation and Chanting.

Our usual location has been under major renovations making it unsuitable for yoga at this point. Without the support of BE, our traditional, non commercial teachings would have been jeopardized. The concept and flexible business approach of BE is perfect for non commercial yoga teachings. We have been able to develop a strong sense of community and collaboration with all other members here as well. The total dedication of Supriti (Sindoori Ji) is not only an inspiration to us all but also an example others should follow. In a city where competition is fierce amongst yoga businesses, it’s refreshing and essential for all of us non-competitive spiritually oriented yoginis and yogis, to have this sanctuary available the way it is. I strongly encourage everyone who reads this testimony to offer all their support to a unique and essential part of our city’s holistic development. Also, as a member of the United Nations International Day of Yoga Events sponsored by the Indian Consulate General in Vancouver, I can say that BE’s support was essential in making it a success this year. We are grateful for the space and infrastructure that allowed us to prepare this event professionally.  

Many thanks and pranams.

Acharya Sri Venu