Greetings to the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society for your opening your doors to our group, the Krishna Balaram Mandir, and all the other groups, who so appreciatively use the studio space for our classes and programs. 

The Krishna Balaram Mandir is located in Richmond, so being able to offer our program in the heart of Vancouver is a blessing. 

Ever since we started to use the BE studio space once a month, we have felt welcomed and supported by Sindoori and her team. 

The gift that is the BE studio to the awakening community in Vancouver is truly precious and enriching. One program after another and the energy and spiritual vibrations continue to grow. 

Where can you go in Vancouver and feel such blessings…?

Not too many places, so being able to be a part of the BE community is something that the Krishna Balaram Mandir gratefully appreciates. 

Thanking you for your enormous contribution to Vancouver.