Demystifying Death – 3 Upcoming Events


 Demystifying Death

The only certainty in life is death, and yet we all too often live with a fear of this eventuality. The primary mandate at Bridge & Enrich is to answer the core question of “Who Am I” , awakening to one’s peak potential. But living in fear of death (and living) keeps many of us from experiencing all that this life has to offer. Over the next few weeks, we have three special Demystifying Death events scheduled to explore our relationship with death and dying.

1. Conscious Dying Workshop with Tarron Estes
– Public Talk

“Occupy Death” – Public Talk with Tarron Estes of the Conscious Dying Institute

Date: Friday, November 20th
Time: 7:00pm–9:30

What does it mean to “occupy” death, to transform and restore the experience of dying to its sacred place in the celebration and beauty of life? Join Tarron Estes, in exploring some of the principles and concepts behind Conscious Dying Education. Through her lecture, and opportunities for reflection and dialogue, discover how we can increase our capacity to be fully present and become supportive end-of-life companions in our communities.

More information here (please RSVP to attend)

 2. Relaxing into Death & Dying Conversations
– Last Evening in a 3-Part Series

The Evening’s Intention: “What Can We Do?”

Date: Friday, November 27th
Time: 7:00pm

We open the space to look at possibilities for a collective and or a collaboration, and what would be the next steps. An informal environment to learn about the different perspectives and expertise each of us has to offer and an opportunity to expand awareness about this transforming and transformative subject of death.

More information here

3.  A Near-Death Experience: Rediscover Your Personal Divinity

Lecture by Stephanie Banks, 
Author of A Soulful Awakening

Date: Saturday, December 5th
Time: 7:30pm–10:00pm (doors open at 7:00pm)

In August of 2012, Stephanie Banks suffered a traumatic mountain biking accident, a catastrophic event that nearly took her life but instead it catapulted her into a heightened state of awareness as she experienced her life and the universe from another perspective. What Stephanie shares will bring depth and clarity into your own life in such a way that you will feel inspired to rediscover your own personal divinity.

Please RSVP to attend.

More information here


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