End of Year Celebrations at BE

Can you believe there are just two weeks left in 2015? To celebrate the coming Winter Solstice and thank everyone for another fabulous year, we are honoured to host two very special Kirtans this weekend.

Winter Solstice 2015 Celebration:
MantraVani Kirtan Chanting Orchestra

Singing Devotional & Ancient Sacred Songs and Chants, Original and Contemporary Music

Date: Saturday, December 18th
Time: Doors at 7:30pm 
Tickets: $30 at the door

Feel your heart expand and spirit soar at this Festival of Light and Joy as we all Sing in Resounding Joy! A non-traditional Vancouver tradition, the MantraVani Orchestra has been playing to sold out audiences for nearly 25 years.

This annual event beautifully combines music, colour and ritual to create a highlight of the season for many and a delightful discovery for first timers. As the musicians and singers draw us deeper into a universe of song and chant, there is a warm invitation for audience participation. The music touches the emotional heart with subtlety giving fresh meaning to the ordinary and spiritual experiences of our lives.

More information here. 

BE Kirtan
:: GPaC Sunday Kirtan for Peace and Love ::

Give Peace a Chant Kirtan and Satsang

Date: Sunday, December 20th (Solstice)
Time: 6:30pm

Call & Response ~ Mantra Meditations for Peace w/ Sandra Leigh (Vox & Harmonium), Anand David (Vox, Flute) Stefan Cihelka (Tabla), Valéry Bruneau (Response) and many friendly voices!

Chai served (all evening) and light Prāsad after the Kirtan.

More information here.

BE Winter Holidays:
Closed December 22nd – January 3rd

Best Wishes for the Holidays and the Coming New Year:

We will be closed for the holidays beginning Tuesday, December 22nd and will be reopening on Monday, January 4th.

Thank you for another amazing year and we truly look forward to seeing what 2016 will bring for us all:

May we all awaken to our peak potential!

-Bridge & Enrich Lives Society

Demystifying Death – 3 Upcoming Events


 Demystifying Death

The only certainty in life is death, and yet we all too often live with a fear of this eventuality. The primary mandate at Bridge & Enrich is to answer the core question of “Who Am I” , awakening to one’s peak potential. But living in fear of death (and living) keeps many of us from experiencing all that this life has to offer. Over the next few weeks, we have three special Demystifying Death events scheduled to explore our relationship with death and dying.

1. Conscious Dying Workshop with Tarron Estes
– Public Talk

“Occupy Death” – Public Talk with Tarron Estes of the Conscious Dying Institute

Date: Friday, November 20th
Time: 7:00pm–9:30

What does it mean to “occupy” death, to transform and restore the experience of dying to its sacred place in the celebration and beauty of life? Join Tarron Estes, in exploring some of the principles and concepts behind Conscious Dying Education. Through her lecture, and opportunities for reflection and dialogue, discover how we can increase our capacity to be fully present and become supportive end-of-life companions in our communities.

More information here (please RSVP to attend)

 2. Relaxing into Death & Dying Conversations
– Last Evening in a 3-Part Series

The Evening’s Intention: “What Can We Do?”

Date: Friday, November 27th
Time: 7:00pm

We open the space to look at possibilities for a collective and or a collaboration, and what would be the next steps. An informal environment to learn about the different perspectives and expertise each of us has to offer and an opportunity to expand awareness about this transforming and transformative subject of death.

More information here

3.  A Near-Death Experience: Rediscover Your Personal Divinity

Lecture by Stephanie Banks, 
Author of A Soulful Awakening

Date: Saturday, December 5th
Time: 7:30pm–10:00pm (doors open at 7:00pm)

In August of 2012, Stephanie Banks suffered a traumatic mountain biking accident, a catastrophic event that nearly took her life but instead it catapulted her into a heightened state of awareness as she experienced her life and the universe from another perspective. What Stephanie shares will bring depth and clarity into your own life in such a way that you will feel inspired to rediscover your own personal divinity.

Please RSVP to attend.

More information here


Fundraiser for Climate Change, Movie Night and November KIDS Program!

 Movie Night & BE KIDS Monthly Program Coming Up!

In addition to our enriching ongoing classes and special events, we especially invite you to join us in:
  • Remembering with Gratitude (This Remembrance Day)
  • Our Climate Change Fund raiser
  • Our Monthly Movie Night
  • Our Monthly BE KIDS Program

Wednesday, November 11th

We solemnly share our gratitude for Remembrance Day.

BE Winter Holidays

We be closed for a winter retreat from December 22nd – January 2nd

WE BELONG TO THE EARTH – Fundraiser TODAY! For Climate Change Summit

Opening Blessing  by Elder Kathy Nahini, Music, Story Telling, Sharings and More:

Date: Tuesday November 10th
Time: 6:00pm–10:30pm

Come away from this experience with a deepened understanding of what it means to belong to the earth & with a good feeling in your heart that you’re supporting an amazing cause Join us for an evening of music, story & sharings of wisdom honoring our shared love for this earth to which we belong – Support Ta’kaiya Blaney & Tatiana Speed on their journey to the Global Climate Change Summit in Paris

More information here

Join us for MOVIE NIGHT this Friday – chai, fresh fruit & popcorn!

Ram Dass Fierce Grace

Date: Friday, November 13th
Time: 6:30pm

First released on the film festival circuit in 2002—and named by Newsweek as one of the Top Five Non-Fiction Films of 2002—Ram Dass Fierce Grace is an engrossing, poignant meditation on spirituality, consciousness, healing and the unexpected grace of aging.

It is also a loving and quite touching cinematic presentation of Ram Dass’s adventure of a life.

More information here



Date: Sunday, November15th
Time: 12:00–2:00pm

Please RSVP – simply state “Yes to BE KIDS” in Subject Heading.

More information here

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What’s New This October

We Continue to Work Towards “Zero Waste”


Invoking a Zen attitude of mind, we are inspired to work together in community and environmental consciousness towards making Zero Waste our reality. Our campaign is about causing minimal harm within and around us, consuming with awareness, taking Collective Responsibility, for the “wake” we leave behind. BE is a space to practice, imbibe and express this consciousness.

Join us to live the mantra: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce (your footprint)!

  • Bring your own mug and enjoy beverage offerings at BE
  • Before disposing garbage take a moment to consider reusing and recycling responsibly
  • Care for mother Earth, use, consume and experience with care and gratitude


BE Kirtan Lovers!

October is overflowing with Prasadam, Chanting and Sacred Music!



Our First KIDS KIRTAN and Vedic Chanting Coming Up!

Date: Sunday, October 31st
Time: 10-12pm

We are looking forward to hosting our first kids-focused Kirtan and Vedic Chanting by kids from the Nithyananda Gurukul Bala Vidyalaya being conducted by Ma Sarayu on Sundays in Richmond. Weekly and monthly Nithyananda Gurukul classes and other Gurukul Kids Programs will also be starting at Bridge & Enrich soon. We will keep you posted.


GPaC Sunday Kirtan for Peace and Love

Date: Sunday, October 18th
Time: 6:30pm

Give Peace a Chant will be offering our Sunday Kirtan. Chai and healthy snacks will be served.

More information here

Satsang & Kirtan (with the Krishna Balaram Mandir)

Date: Sunday, October 25th
Time: 6:30pm-–8:30pm

Come and enjoy a spiritual evening with other positive people (satsang) as the Krishna Balaram Mandir offers their evening program to celebrate Love and Devotion to Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the Vedic tradition.

More information here

Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda Yogiji (Altar of Love Weekend)

Date: Friday, October 30th at 6:00pm
6pm-10pm: Kirtan and Healing Mantra Music
with special guest openers Sacr3d

More information here

Date:  Saturday, October 31st at 2:00pm
Mantra & Singing Workshop.
2pm-4pm: Singing and Mantra Workshop
6pm-10pm: Halloween Kirtronica~A Laser Light Mantra Dance
Opening with special guest DJ Ragunath Khe

More information here

Date:  Sunday, November 1st
9am-11am: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop w/live music
1pm-3pm: Cacao Ceremony

More information here

Here’s what else is on this month:

Ayurvedic Cleansing & Mind Calming Herbs at BE

Pancha Kriya Certified Organic Herbs are now available at B.E.

According to ancient Ayurvedic yogic practises, the two main herbs that are used daily for cleansing the system and balancing the vital energies are Neem Leaf and Haritaki Fruit.

Neem Leaf tea is used to clean the mouth , the intestines and detoxify the liver. It also promotes healthy hair + skin.

Harataki Fruit tea nourishes all body tissues, improves digestion, promotes the absorption of nutrients, aids in expelling accumulated waste, increases oxygen levels in the blood up to 300% and activates the non-mechanical parts of the brain. For centuries Haritaki has been called “king of the medicines” by Ayurvedic healers. 

For further information including other certified organic Ayurvedic herbs (Holy Basil/Tulsi, Triphala, Tumeric), please visit the YAHpothecary online.

Nithyananda Satsang – UPANISHADS Demystified

Date: Saturdays October 17th and 24th
Time: 6:30pm–8:00pm

We will have satsang with the teachings of a living enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda via live two way video conferencing as he shares universal wisdom teachings with us.

More information here

Demystifying Death: Relaxing into Death & Dying Conversations

Date: Friday, October 16th
Time: 7:00pm

We brainstorm about what would best support us in our work, AND what we would like to see evolve within our communities for a better pan-death experience.

More information here

Weekend Meditation Retreat with Dharma Ocean

Date: Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th
Time: 9:30am–4:30pm (both days)

Senior Teacher Neil McKinlay will be offering a Vancouver retreat on the journey of embodiment – our essential journey as human beings – is one of uncertainty, discovery, and surprise.

More information here

BE Movie Night

Date: Friday, October 23rd
Time: 6:30pm

Sharing video creations that remind us of who we are, inspire us to stretch to our peak potential of body, mind & spirit, provoke thought that transports us to the space of “Beyond Mind.” Please join us for a movie night with chai and fresh fruit offerings.

More information here

Family Constellation Workshop with Jan Hull

Date: Saturday, October 24th
Time: 9:00am–5:00pm

Jan’s workshops are interactive and structured for actively doing and learning the work – because Systemic Constellation Work meets us where we live, in our bodies and in relationships. This tool cuts to the core where other modalities can fall short.

More information here

Introducing the GURUKUL system of Education for Children

Date: Sunday, October 31st
Time: 10-12pm

Gurukul is a place where celebration begins with right words in the blossoming minds creating a gateway of possibilities- Creating an enlightened civilization with yogic body and vedic mind. We will introduce possibilities to parents interested in a once a week after-school program or a once a month weekend program that will be based on the Nithyananda Gurukul School currently being run in Bidadi, India, the Nithyananda Gurukul.

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Program

We are honoured to be a platform for the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre to be offering their 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program for the months of October and November.

More information here

Our Weekly Classes: We invite you check them out!

Kirtan Introductory Classes with Bhakti Yoga
(please note we will not have Kirtan class on Thanksgiving Monday)

This Summer at BE

We prepare to wind down until the new school year, with fewer special events scheduled for July and August and only some weekly classes continuing through the summer months (listed below). We will send you an update on Fall events as we near the end of August giving a chance for the space to rest, be repaired and cared for in those forgotten corners…

Nearing Summer Solstice, June 21st,and we have already been host some amazing events. Thank you to everyone who came out and to those who helped organize! We were pleased to welcome the following offeringse this month:

Please note: We will be closed twice in June for private events: June 26th for our Practitioners Gathering and June 29th for a friend’s wedding. We will also be closed for BC Day (August 3rd) and Labour Day (September 7th) as they are statutory holidays falling on Mondays.


Osho Meditation Retreat: The Path of Love and Meditation

Dates: Saturday, June 27th, 1-8pm and 

Sunday, June 28th, 9-5pm

Meditation Retreat with Swami Chaitanya. Swami Chaitanya Keerti was initiated into Osho’s Neo Sannyas movement in 1971 and ever since has been dedicatedly associated with the world of meditation.

More information here

Mindful Movement and Sacred Sound Journey with Kaluma Wellness

Date: Saturday, June 27th

Time: 10:30am–12:30pm

Enjoy inspirational music, creative movement patterns and empowering fun. Following the joy of Nia, join Kathy and Marilyn as they weave a tapestry of sound with gongs, singing bowls, drums and other sacred sound instruments. Sound is a pathway to deep relaxation, renewal and peace – an invitation to rest and be nourished.

More information here

Tantra: Awakening the Heart with Shivan and Prema

Dates: Friday, July 10th through Sunday, July 12th

Time: Friday at 7:00pm through Sunday at 5:00pm

Release your passion, uncover and empower your hidden feminine and masculine energies, relate and communicate with authenticity and awareness.

More information here

Give Peace a Chant CD Release

Date: Friday, July 31st

Time: 7:00pm–10:00pm

Give Peace a Chant Kirtan Community with Sandra Leigh and Friends will grace us with sacred sounds celebrating the official July 31st CD release of KIRTAN LILA.

More information here

Bharat Natyam Dance Performance and Fundraiser

Date: Sunday, August 9th

Time: 2:00pm–4:00pm

Enjoy a Bharat Natyam Dance Performance by Anusha Fernando of Shakti Dance.

More information here

Our Weekly Classes Offered This Summer

Reminder: We Are Closed for Victoria Day, Monday May 18th

Just a quick reminder that Bridge & Enrich will be closed for every Statutory Holiday that falls on a Monday. We will be closed this coming Monday, May 18th for Victoria Day and re-open on Tuesday. All your favourite Monday activities will resume on May 25th!

(And, we would like to thank Coral, from the Paperblanks® Graphics Department for subbing in as Queen Victoria)

What’s On This Month? BE Newsletter

What’s New This Month of May

May Events and Programs at BE

“MA” in MAY is our call to “Mother” as we express gratitude to Mother energy in our lives. This month we are pleased to announce a Kirtan for DIVINE MOTHER as well as a full schedule of enlightening classes and special events! We will also be offering our first Single Mothers’ Saatvic food preparation class in June!

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Mother’s Day KIRTAN for DIVINE MOTHER with SANDRA LEIGH and Friends

Date: Saturday, May 9th

Time: 6:45pm

An evening of heart felt depth, ecstatic soul-power, gentle and clear devotion… honouring the Mother in us all.

:: Call & Response ~ Mantra Meditations for Peace with Sandra Leigh and friends of GIVE PEACE A CHANT.

More information here

North Shore Zendo Working Folks Weekend Retreat

Date: Saturday, May 9th: Sit from 9:00am–9:00pm 

Date: Sunday, May 10th: Sit from 9:00am–4:00pm

Most of us need to attend periodic sesshin (extended meditation retreats) to provide periods of sustained zazen practice to settle the mind, deepen our practice and foster insight. However, many of us work at jobs that do not readily permit taking a week away to attend sesshin at Great Vow Zen Monastery. Because of this, North Shore Zendo (NSZ) will be offering its first-ever working folks sesshin. This is a new and innovative approach to sesshin.

More information here

UPANISHADS Demystified: Live Transmission from Varanasi, India

Date: Wednesdays in May

Time: 6:30pm–8:00pm

Inner Awakening is a unique and life-transforming 21-day yoga and meditation retreat specially designed and conducted by a rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In progress this month in Varanasi, India (May 7th-27th), Nithyananda starts the morning with Satsangs on the Upananishads, the prime vedic teachings on self-realization, yoga and meditation. The focus is: WHAT AM I? Join Nithyananda at Bridge & Enrich via live two-way video streaming from India for the SATSANG as part of this powerful retreat being transmitted worldwide!

More information hereand please stay tuned for spontaneous transmission dates and times as our schedule allows. We will announce them on Facebook.

BE KIDS start the BE Community edible garden!

On a sunny and warm Friday, the BE Kids began planting the BE Community Garden! 

Learn more about our Kids and Youth Programs here.

More information about the BE Food Program here.

OSHO Vancouver: United in Meditation & Breath Work For Nepal

Date: Saturday, May 16th

Time: 10:00am–2:00pm

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal there is a great need for love, prayers and donations. Many of us here feel a heartfelt connection to this beautiful country and its people, and on May 16th we will come together to share in part of the relief effort while also deepening our own self-awareness and healing. We will be offering Osho Dynamic meditation, a short Osho Talk and a guided group breath work session. We will be closing with a heart-expanding tantric meditation and sharing.

More information here


BE Closed: Victoria Day

Date: Monday, May 18th

We will be closed for the Victoria Day statutory holiday.


Full & Free with Rose Matovitch

Date: Sunday, May 24th

Time: 9:00am

Dezza Dance presents renowned psychotherapist Rose Matovitch for Full & Free: A Workshop on Spirituality and Body Image. In this day-long workshop you will be offered guidance on how to establish a healthy and spiritual relationship to food and yourself. Rose will offer teachings, exercises and wisdom gained from her years of private practice to facilitate you on the path to optimal wellness in mind, body and spirit.

More information here

Awaken the Love Within

Date: Sunday, May 31st

Time: 10:30am

Awaken the Love Within is a POWERFUL workshop on How to Open the Heart Energy Center so that you can attract the type of Love you want!

The workshop will begin with a unique discourse and perspective on the Heart Energy Center or Heart Chakra, followed by an amazing meditation to BLAST open the Heart Chakra.

More information here

Krishna Lounge – Kirtan 

Date: Sunday, May 31st

Time: 6:30om–10:00pm

Join us for a community Kirtan led by Jai Gopal, Radhika and Anand David and with a nutritious and mind-calming food offering. 

More information here.

Single Mothers’ Cooking Class

Date: Thursday, June 11th

Time: 11:00am–1:00pm

We are pleased to announce that our first Saatvic cooking class for single mothers will be taking place this month! The focus will be teaching mums how to cook mind-calming, vegetarian meals for their families.

Learn more about our Food Program here.

BE Practitioners Gathering

Date: Friday, June 12th

BE will be closed for a special event for instructors and practitioners.


Sacred Sounds: World Music with Naad

Date: Sunday, June 7th

Time: 6:30pm

Experience the sacred sentiment of gratitude, joy and expansion with live Musicians and Artists from the NAAD band enriching us with sacred sounds.

* An offering of Chai

* Annadana – a light Vegetarian snack, an offering of gratitude and sharing of the gift: Nourishment from healing foods, sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, Saatvik, mind-calming in essence

* Come and just sit, imbibe the gift of an open heart, being alive, just BE in “presence of Existence”

More information to come!

Our Weekly Classes: We invite you check them out!

Spring Happenings at BE (April Newsletter)


APRIL 2015: New and Returning Programs & Exciting Special Events!

Spring has officially sprung here at Bridge & Enrich and we are excited to share with you the new and returning programs we have planned, as well as some very special upcoming events, all with the single intent of pointing the way to enlightened living. 

Dare to Dream: TEEN JOURNEY Program presents “Hearts, Hurts and Humanity (relationships)”

Friday, April 10th (5:00pm–9:00pm)

People come, people go, and people change over time. Today is a day to put away your judgements and insecurities and really explore what it means to be connected to people, and the things that come with love, hate and everything in between. You’ll have the chance to ask about everything you’ve always wanted to know about relationships, gender, romance and the whole bundle of human emotions that tangle around them. Remember to leave your pre-conceptions at the door, and come with a mind and heart open enough to fit everyone’s differences inside.

Cost: $10-$15

Learn more about the Teen Journey Program at


Sonic Grace: A World Music Journey

Saturday, April 11th (Doors at 7:00pm, Show at 7:30pm)

Sonic Grace: A World Music Journey

As a part of our BE Sacred Music series, we present a sublime and innovative meeting of two world music groups from East and West (Canada and the World!).

Tickets: $20

More Information here.

The Healing Voice: Throat Singing and Vocal Harmonics with Matthew Kocel

Saturday, April 11th (10:30am–5:00pm)

The human voice is the ultimate tool for transformation through sound. In this one-day seminar, Matthew will reveal the secrets of how to create multiple harmonics at one time with your voice – for healing, enhanced dimensional awareness, meditation and connection to spirit. More than a workshop, this is an initiation into the field of sacred sound.

More information here.

Family Constellation Workshop with Jan Hull

Sunday, April 12th (10:00am–5:30pm)

Family Constellation Work was developed by Bert Hellinger, now well into his 80s. He grew up as a boy in Germany through the personal and cultural impact of World War ll. With the support of his parents, he fled to Africa as a 19-year-old priest and became a welcomed member of the Zulu people. Here, he learned the intricacies of Zulu family system principles and how to utilise the mystery of systemic knowing fields for insight and healing. After 20 years he made the decision to return to Germany and immerse himself in Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychotherapy. By brilliantly combining his Shamanic and Eastern teachings with Western psychology, he refined the tool of Family Constellation Work grounded in the natural laws of human relationships and their often unrealised effects on the individual. 

More information here.

Demystifying Death

Sunday, April 12th (7:00pm–9:30pm)

Beginning April 12th, we will be initiating programs exploring the subject of Death & Dying with the intention of demystifying it, relaxing into it, exploring it and being “complete” with it. Our first presentation in this series is put together by Marie Naubert and Tricia Keith. They will be sharing a film by Deepak Chopra and Marilyn Schlitz. Death Makes Life Possible is a documentary that explores transforming the fear of death into inspiration for living.

Learn more about this film screening here.

BE Kids Program starts again on Friday, April 17th!Our Kids Program will resume April 17th! Learn about our programs for kids and youth here.

POSTPONED: I AM LOVE 3-Day Retreat with Ellie Drew

Please note that Ellie Drew’s three-day retreat scheduled for April 17th–19th has been postponed. We will work to reschedule this and update you as soon as we can. Our apologies for the change of plans. Please contact us for more information.

BE Regularly Scheduled Classes

Every day we have great classes offered in diverse disciplines, including yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and dance! Check out our Weekly Schedule to see what’s on today.


Mandala and the Self

Saturday, April 18th (2:00pm–4:00pm)

A talk on the Mandala of the Buddha-Mothers and the fundamentals of spiritual practice by Rev. Koten Benson. He lives at Lions Gate Buddhist Priory near Lytton, B.C. and is a disciple of Rev. Jiyu Kennett (1924–1996) of Shasta Abbey. The mandala itself will also be shown and the basic text recited.

More information here

Beyond Addiction (last in a series of four)

April 24, 25, 26, 2015 (Fri. 6:00pm–9:00pm, Sat. 9:00am–6:00pm, Sun. 9:00am–6:00pm)

Use Kundalini Yoga and meditation to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Utilise yogic techniques to decrease cravings. Restore the nervous system, brain, frontal lobe and adrenal glands with yoga and naturopathic therapies. Access your spiritual centre and learn to rely on your Higher Self. Develop neutrality and clear subconscious patterns. Manage your reactions to people and events. Enhance communication and relationship skills. Make a healthy shift in perspective and attitude. The course consists of sixteen modules, each including a theme and affirmation, group discussion and exercises, and home practice program. Access to Dr. Gabor Maté teaching videos and other online resources are included with this course.

More information here.

An Evening with Thomas Hübl: Awakening in Modern Life

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 (7:00pm)

Thomas Hübl is an Austrian-born contemporary spiritual teacher and founder of the Academy of Inner Science who practices and teaches mysticism in a manner that is entirely in-keeping with the times. His work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. Join us for an evening of conversation with Thomas Hübl exploring this essential spiritual practice for our time. Thomas’s down-to-earth approach to a living, holistic spirituality, combined with his unwavering clarity and relentless commitment to help others fully awaken, makes him a unique and engaging teacher.

Cost: $20 in advance, $25 at door.

More information on this evening’s talk here.

CONFLICTING THOUGHT PATTERNS, The Four Tattvas & Energy Healing

Saturdays 2:00pm–4:00pm

Inspired by and based on Vedic teachings expressed by an enlightened master from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, this workshop will be facilitated by Ma Sindoori who has been ordained as a teacher by Nithyananda. The group will be small, of 7 or less, and will pave the way for you to identify the conflicting thought patterns that are blocking the manifestation of the reality you wish to live. How are these conflicting thought patterns limiting us from seeing and creating a future that we want and living a life that we want to live? Is it really possible to go beyond these limitations? We will gain an understanding of how our “root thought patterns give birth to conflicting thought patterns which are the basis of all conflicts we experience in our life.”

In all the conflicts you experience in your life – whether your relationships, your career, your health, any aspect of your life – if you look deeply, you will see that you are living in a condition of “no integrity” in those aspects of your life. 

Dates coming up: May 2nd and May 30th (chai will be offered!)

For more information and to RSVP please visit our Conflicting Thought Patterns page.

VOLUNTEERING at Bridge & Enrich

Volunteering at BE is an opportunity to practice the stewardship of a sacred space in service of self and others. BE exists to serve, and we can express gratitude for this service through maintaining the infrastructure and participating in the many avenues of expression that this space supports. A metaphor that we like is of the Goddess Kwan Yin, whose thousand hands work to serve all sentient beings with mercy and compassion. All of us together make up the thousand arms of Kwan Yin, and through our service we become extensions of this compassionate service, enriching everyone and everything that crosses our path. This is the intention of BE, and we are grateful for the hand that you lend to manifest its highest potential of service and beauty. More information here.

Well, this is our news for April. And “Who Am I” is the question of the month. 

Deep gratitude for our connection,

Bridge & Enrich


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