What is rest?

(Sharing from a newsletter from Ayurprana)

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it allows for the concept of rest and resting to be different for each person, with each of us living in our very particular constitutionalparadigms, but rest can also look different even moment to moment for each individual. By allowing our rest to be framed differently for each of us day to day, season to season. 

What if we moved beyond the need to just “crash” due to the intensity of our day-to-day living, and rather sought to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature, seasons, and the world around us? Proper sleep, proper diet, proper activity all yield natural periods of rest within our day-to-day – allowing us to rethink how we spend our time, and especially how we frame periods of rest. When we spend time replenishing our being, these actions can permeate the many layers of our bodies, minds, and consciousness. 

As we restart our Fall sittings, we ask you to take a moment to be present with yourself, and reflect on the idea of what rest is needed in the moment. What does it take to replenish all the levels, layers, facets, and aspects of yourself?  Remembering in this process that there is no judgment, no right or wrong when it comes to personal rest. You’re perfection, beauty, and wonderment incarnate and in you is a bright glimmer of the divine; and when we are present and balanced we shine this divinity into the world!

Look at what is with all your mind,

with all your heart

and all your gut.

Then your grief, your attachment,

your longing or your discontent

will burst into pure bliss.

This is your true nature.

This life is most unique.

Don’t waste it on trifles.

Every moment, live it completely.

Everything is here.

The entire Universe is throbbing

in your heart.

The entire existence is breathing

in your lungs.

No religion can give you that.

No guru can give you that.

Do you have the gut, the courage

to be with what is?

~ By Vasant Lad

Taken from Vasant Lad’s book of poetry Strands of Eternity