We were meant to listen to this video last week but ran out of time….here it is…for todays session.

“And like a door or a pathway, activating a marma energy point, opens into the inner pharmacy of the body. The body is a silent, universal, biochemical laboratory—operating every moment to interpret and transform arising events.Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind and consciousness.”

Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician


We continue unravelling the age-old teachings of Ayurveda, balancing the elements of air, ether, water, fire and earth, that make up this universe of which this body is part of.

We continued developing a sequence of 8 Breathworks: Daily Pranayama:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th and 6th in the sequence practiced today.

  1. Bhastrika (Bellows breath) 
  2. Kapalabhati follows (Shining Skull)
  3. Anuoma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  4. Agni Sara 
  5. Brahmari (Bee’s Breath)
  6. UTJAYI Breath (Breath of Victory)

We continue our practice together  –  more tools in our tool belt with Utjayi Breath  –  Strengthening THE IMMUNE SYTEM for WINTER along with the marma points for Thyoid. our immune system.