Working with Fear

The Buddha said there is nothign to fear

Rev. Meian Ebert, Shasta Abbey
We watched  Working with Fear – Rev, Meian Ebert, Shasta Abbey

All fears culiminate in the fear of death. This is our spiritual journey, remembering our true nature to be eternal – this body and mind made of 5 elements reverts to those 5 elements. What is the common component in fear regardless of what is causing it? Air and Ether element are agitated – signs and symptoms are of vitiated vata per the ancient teachings of Ayurveda.

The power of Fearless mudra (Abhya mudra), the context of where where hold fear in our body per the yogic teachings of the chakra system, the chakra of fear – Swadhisthana – also representing the water element in our body, is the fight and flight response – sweat and water and fire express. We call it stress in modern terms.