Aloneness to Oneness

Becoming your own therapist means examining your own mental attitudes and understanding the nature of your own mind (your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors). Understanding the nature of your own mind allows you to control your mind naturally, without needing to push or force it…

This involves being aware of your internal world and recognizing the patterns and habits that shape your mind…you can cultivate a more positive and compassionate mindset, greater self-awareness and
inner peace.

Lama Yeshe
We watched | ALONENESS TO ONENESS – Life Changing Spiritual Documentary Film on Non-duality  Todd Perelmuter

Only 5% of the stuff in our universe is made up of normal matter, but that is where most of us put 100% of our focus and attention. This creates an illusion of separateness where we believe we are alone and that when our material body dies, that’s the end. We even call this stuff “matter” because we believe it is all that matters. But, the other 95% of stuff in our universe is made up of energies and a mysterious dark matter, which actually govern our universe, our bodies, our experiences and our lives. This non-material universe can also be called the spiritual universe. As we tap into this spiritual dimension, we start to see how all things are connected, we see relationships, we feel energies, we sense intuition, and we discover the true nature of our mind. Todd Perelmuter takes us on a spiritual journey, from Aloneness to Oneness, where borders and barriers disappear, and open hearts and open minds take hold. It takes us to a place where anger, greed, hatred and fear cease to be, and only love, joy, peace and gratitude remain. Todd Perelmuter studied meditation and mindfulness from world-renowned teachers around the world for over 9 years. Upon his return to the States, he created EastWesticism, a nonprofit dedicated to helping everyone reach their highest potential and lead a peaceful, calm, and stress-free life. 

Our pure conscious awareness are similar in that nothing can alter those states you can never freeze space or burn space or alter space in any way it’s eternal and unchanging this is the nature of our true selves the realization comes that it’s not your life you can’t possess something you are you are life all the knowledge and wisdom is in each and every one of us you don’t have to read any book or belong to any religion this is a universal and available to everyone way of living never forget that every moment is a miracle you know that’s that’s the goal of spirituality is to never forget that death is the beginning of the last great adventure and exploration of humanity it’s every person gets to go explore this thing that no living person knows about death and of itself is a beautiful process it’s it’s like being born death is the great equalizer no matter
how rich or how poor we’re all going to that same direction everybody lives on through
life living on we’re all the same life force energy and that that’ll go on forever
life will go on experiencing the universe as the universe intended we’ve all been everybody and we’ll all be everybody it’s about enjoying the good times
while they’re here and knowing they won’t last and when the bad times come
imagine a movie where the camera is shaking all the time it would be the worst movie you’ve ever seen you could barely focus on anything that’s going on and you’d probably walk out in five minutes stillness is everything an opportunity to observe our chaotic mind and allow it to settle down no matter what else is happening to you …. more in the video…